Single Needle Bar Raschel Kinitting Machines
Type: WMH
Single Needle Bar Raschel Kinitting Machines
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  • Rugged, distortion-proof welded steel construction.
  • Main deive by special cams, which are dynamically balanced, and run in oil in the machine bed.
  • Machines available for widely different applicants.
  • Applications from fine mesh to coarse mesh available.
  • Suitable for Round Yarn & Flat Yarn.
  • Lower investment and high returns.

Nets for agricultural, construction and sports use, such as shade net, green house net, anti-birds & wind protection net, building safety nets, scaffold net, industrial net, football gate net & packing nets (for potato, onion, fruit) etc.

4 roller fabric take-up with servo motor auto take-up system on line take-up device (take-up dia. 600 mm dia.) or seperate batching device with servo motor drive (take-up dia. up to 1000 mm dia.)
  • Applicable Yarn
    HDPE Flat Yarn, Monofilaments, Polyester, Rayon, Nylon, TC, TR
  • Working Width
    130" - 260"
  • Gauges
    2 - 18 needle per inch
  • Warp Supply System
    From: * Warping Beams / Creel Stand / Slitting Extension M / C
  • Performance
    300 - 600 rpm
  • Number of Bars
    2 - 8 Ground Bars (2 - 16 Pattern Bars Available)
  • Main Motor
    4.0 kw - 7.5 kw
  • Machine Weight
    4500 kgs - 9000 kgs
Provided 2-4 beam shaft with electronic beam auto feeding system or mechanical let-off device or 2 units yarn feeding rollers.