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Monofilament Making Machine-TH-SN-B
Monofilament Making Machine-TH-SN-B
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According to the processing purpose of monofilament, there are two types, one is two stages type (Equipped with stretching and annealing devices, the other is one stage type (Equipped with annealing device only).
This machine is suitable for use with both flat weaving machines and needle knitting machines. The take-up wheel provides the coiling needed for one-step production with no need for further processing.
Mosquito nets, debris nets for construction, safety nets, semitransparent netting, Onion Bag Machines, fruit netting, web tote bags.

  • Take-Off Unit A
    Water Cooling Tank
  • Take-Off Unit B
    Hot Water Type Stretching Device
  • Waste Roll Drive
    Winding Machine